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Unleashing Growth

In Greek mythology, the goddess Demeter reigned as the deity of agriculture, harvest, and fertility. Her legacy over Earth has not been confined to ancient times alone. Even in the modern era, Demeter’s essence continues to resonate, as her principles find a remarkable parallel in the world of business.

Demeter’s story reflects the cyclical nature of life, with her grief during the winter months and subsequent joy in the springtime. Businesses must adapt to ever-changing market conditions and investor demands. Recognizing the seasons of change and being agile in response allows Demeter to remain relevant and seize new opportunities. Embracing innovation, staying ahead of the curve, and evolving with the times are crucial to business success.

Just as Demeter cared for the land, we have invested in our employees, providing them with resources, training, and a supportive environment. Nurturing talents, fostering innovation, and cultivating a strong company culture all contribute to sustainable success.

Demeter’s domain included the harvest, reminding us of the importance of reaping the rewards of hard work, deep relationships and a long-term view. a key focus for us here at Demeter Investment Holdings.

As Demeter frequently collaborated with other deities to influence the world, modern-day businesses thrive on collaboration as a key factor in success. Partnerships, strategic alliances, and networking are all means to leverage collective strengths and achieve mutual growth. Just as Demeter sought help from others, businesses form alliances with complementary organizations, fostering synergy and expanding their reach.

Investment Strategy

Robust, Attractive Strategies

Demeter’s investment strategies are focused on either high quality multiply leveraged fixed income instruments or the use of algorithms that are written, tested and developed by a team of highly qualified quants. Upon stabilization, the strategies are managed and monitored closely by the investment, trading and risk management teams. The Fixed Income strategy focusses on medium term maturities for entities rated A or better. The Algorithmic platforms focus on liquid financial assets such as ETFs, equities and currencies. Each element of the strategy from entry to exit  as well as cash management are closely analyzed to consistently seek to improve performance and returns. Strategies can be both intra-day and inter-day duration strategies.

Execution varies  between fully automated, partly automated or trader-driven strategies depending on the structure of the logic of the algorithm, which is overlaid, in certain cases, with confirmation tools to reinforce performance. The only strategy that are not actively managed deploy buy-and-hold approaches.

Demeter constantly looks for robust, attractive new strategies that have  strong risk management frameworks attached to them. It believes that such combinations are essential for developing leading strategies.

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