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Demeter Investment Holdings


Strong believe in long-term relationships over short-term transactional gain

Demeter Investment Holdings is a Cayman Islands incorporated platform. Demeter Investment Holdings manages a USD 1.5 billion European Medium Term Note Program listed on the Vienna MTF Exchange. Demeter draws Series of Bonds under the Program in order to fund the Investment Strategies it manages.

The highly experienced management team of Demeter Investment Holdings designs and curates investment strategies in financial markets, focusing on opportunities in the ETFs/Currencies/Equities or Fixed Income sectors to generate returns that beat the S&P Index. The strategies generally cover asset classes that have deep liquidity, extensive market participants and very transparent pricing.

Demeter does not invest in third-party strategies but has partnered with external parties to develop strategies and portfolios. It has a strong believe in long-term relationships over short-term transactional gain.


Robust & Attractive New Strategies

Demeter’s investment strategies are generally focused on the use of algorithms that are written, tested and developed by a team of highly qualified quants. Upon stabilization the strategies are managed and monitored closely by the trading team.  The Algorithmic platforms focus on  liquid financial assets such as ETFs, equities and currencies. Each element of the strategy from entry, exit and cash management are closely analyzed to consistently seek to improve performance and returns. Strategies can be both intra-day and inter-day duration strategies.

Execution varies from fully automated, partly automated to trader driven strategies depending on the structure of the logic of the algorithm, which is overlayered, in certain cases, with confirmation tools to reinforce performance. The only strategy that is not actively managed is a buy and hold approach.

Demeter constantly looks for robust, attractive new strategies that have robust risk management frameworks attached to them. It believes that this combination of approaches is essential for developing leading strategies.


US$1.5 Billion

Invested Since Inception


A USD 1.5 billion umbrella programme to issue bonds on a major European exchange, consisting of an individual series for specific debt strategies

This section contains information and documents relating to certain securities that have been or may be issued by Demeter Investment  Holdings