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Series 6


The Demeter Investment Holdings5 Year EMTN-Series 6 is a USD 200 million series (the “Demeter Bond”) under its USD 1.5 billion EMTN umbrella programme. The structure, which comprises of two legs, seeks to protect capital, outperform the S&P average market performance and self-finance the cost of operations.


The structure allows the investor to select the following criteria to match their financial objectives:

  • How secure do l want the bond to be?
  • How much leverage do I want on my investment?
  • What wil I the end proceeds be invested in?
    The Demeter bond is most useful when it is used to solve an existing financial problem or situation.

The investor can select the securities from the following asset classes:

  • US Treasuries and Cash
  • Capital Guaranteed Notes issued by a panel of A rated or better global banks
  • A fixed income portfolio rated A or better
The Underlying Assets

The investor can also select the end application of the bond profit proceeds, as follows:

  • The Investment Model. Leveraged investment into the securities selected above.
  • The Trading Model. Exposure to high performance algorithms and arbitrage.
  • The Leverage Model. Using the bond proceeds for investment into a project or company.
Issuer Demeter Investment Holdings
Fund Currency USD
Maturity Date 30th January 2027 (5 Years)
Size of Series USD 200,000,000
Fixed Coupon 2.00% payable Semi- Annually
Security Yes, the Underlying Assets are pledged to the Security Trustee
Profit Share 50%-50%
Liquidity Daily Transferrable – End of Day Redemption
Investment Advisor The Entrepreneur’s Investment Office Ltd (DIFC, Dubai, UAE)
Redemption Price For premature redemption there can be capital erosion to cover the breakage costs of the structure.
Clearing / Settlement Euroclear
Bond Nominal Amount $10,000
Minimum Subscription USD 2,000,000
Listing Wiener Boerse, Austrian MTF
LEI 213800219STYYJQQOY1l
Issuer Demeter Investment Holdings (“Demeter”), an exempted limited liability company, incorporated under the laws of Cayman Islands
Arranger & Paying Agent Blue Water Capital Limited
Security Trustee Blue Water Capital Limited
Number of Strategies 4-12
Registrars Avenir Registrars Ltd
Investment Advisor The Entrepreneur’s Investment Office Ltd
Auditor Baker Tilly

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